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代写presentation:Individual Presentations

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Individual Presentations
Here are the details on the individual presentation.
1. You choose a topic to present about.
2.Be prepared to give a presentation at the beginning of class on the day that topic is listed under.
3.The individual presentations should be between 2-5 minutes.
4.The day of your presentation will depend on the topic for which you sign up.
--For example if you sign up for the topic of Willam Penn, you will give a report on that day aboutWilliam Penn and his history in America. If you choose New Amsterdam/New York, you will give areport about the history of the colony of that place in early America.
You should decide what is interesting to you about the topic. It should be interesting to you and to us.IMPORTANT:  ! ou should not only describe the history of the person or event/place, but also what theimportance is of that person or event/place to America.5. 5.Requirements:
You should speak loudly and clearly on the topic.
You should NOT read from a paper or prepared message.
You should turn in a one-page summary of your presentation (250 words).
lf you would like to use PowerPoint to do your presentation, we will take time before class or duringthe break to set up your presentation. You should encourage people to ask you questions after yourpresentation
, If your presentation or your summary is too long you will get a lower grade.
6. Ifyou are a paticipant, it is POLITE to ask questions about the topic. Not everyone will be able to ask
questionsbecause we will only have time for 2 or 3 questions after each presentation.

7. How you will be graded:

Organizationand text type.

- ComprehensionT I could not understand
much of the presentation.What I could understandconfused me.
It seemed like a list offacts, with someelaboration.

Historical value
Public speaking
You didn't talk muchabout a person or event.You told some informationbut it is not very usefultounderstanding theimportance.Quiet, monotone, or
mumbling. Very hard tohear and understand.hearSeems repetitive or lacksvigor.

Icould understand most of T Ï could understandthe presentation, with  everything with nosome difficulty.  difficulty.

The prsentation had good The main idea came frstorganization but it was  in the presentation and theificult to determine what rest of the dscussionthe main idea was.  supported that idea. There
was also a short summaryat the end of thepresentationYou discussed a
person/event and it is clearwhy this person/event isimportant for America.

Y ou mentioned some aperson/event, but theI perspective is really notclear of why they areimportant to consider,

Easy to hear. Interesting
understand. Thevocabulary and grammar pronuis very simplistic and  word choices, goodpronunciation, and youseem confident about your, wor
pronunciation is marked. It I presentation.sounds memorized

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