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Review of The Kite Runner Introduction   Under the background of the decline of Afghanistan’s Monarchy, refugees escaped to Pakistan and USA due to invasion of Soviet army, the havoc of Taliban regime against all the chaos and cruel circumstance. In The Kite Runner, one’s mind will be matured under social turmoil, from two perspectives including: the applicationof symbolism and stress on the psychological description to show mental growth from naive to mature. Amir, a pashtun boy, born in a rich and high-class family, grows from naive, weak and selfish boy to a mature, courageous human being, because “there is a way to be good again”, and he wants to be good.   The application of symbolism   By applying symbolism, it reveals the most precious things in each person’s heart, and they are searching and cherishing the whole life. It show that symbolism has developed in a state of maturity since it appearance in France near middle of nineteenth.The Kite Runner also uses the same rhetoric that is symbolism. What does kite stand for and why are they running after it to pick it back after it falls down. Through symbolism, this essay reveals that the kite stands for the most precious thing, the thing that they are searching and treasuring the whole life, and that is freedom.   To Hassan, Amir is his best friend and he will never leave or betray him. For him, he will “do a thousand times over”. Hassan is the servant’s son in Amir Family, they usually play together. Since childhood, Hassan is willing to do anything for Amir. As a kid, Hassan uses own way to express his loyalty and sincerity. He said that would rather eat mud than cheat Amir, to help Amir win the kite-flying competition, in order to make Ali proud of Amir, he brings kite with wound caused by Assef without saying anything about insult. For Amir, he does not realize Hassan’s brotherhood until he grows up and hears Hassan’s real identity and his past life from Rahim Khan. Except these, for Amir father-Ali, kite also represents patriotism, his deep love for his country. When he left hometown due to Russian invasion, he puts a small drop of earth in his hand, which is kept with him until his death. This deep patriotism can also be seen from the opposite side, that is, the hatred to Russian people. To be more general, kite also stands for the freedom that Afghanistan people are running for. Flying kite is not only a custom, a kind of competition is Afghanistan, it also express people’s hope and eager for freedom and human right.   您还可以浏览其他代写assignment案例,如有任何问题可随时请咨询我们。